8 ways to save on your kitchen remodel

The average minor kitchen remodel costs $18,000 according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs. Value report. A midrange remodel came in at $53,000 and an upscale remodel was a whopping $107,400. We’ve seen hundreds of people achieve their dream kitchens for the price of an average minor kitchen remodel (and less)—the key is knowing where to save and spend money. Here are a few tips from our pros:
1. Work with the space you have – don’t add square footage unless you have exhausted your design options. Professional interior designers know how to maximize space. Working with IKAN’s interior designers, you will be amazed at how they can squeeze every inch out of your kitchen. And they can make recommendations as to where to use a cupboard vs a drawer and what types of interior organizers you can use to keep the space organized and accessible.
2. Don’t replace your appliances unless you have to. Save anything you can and select standard sized appliances for those you need to replace in the same finish as the appliance(s) you keep. Standard size are more affordable and will save you room for what you really need, which is storage space.
3. Use stock cabinets (our personal favourite!).Photo-for-the-installation-stage-web Cabinets make up about half of most people’s kitchen budgets, and stock cabinets are very affordable. They are beautiful and can look custom if they’re installed with nice finishing touches and you watch for elements like the fridge flush to the cabinets. Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio: http://www.ikaninstallations.com/kitchen-galleries/all-kitchens/. There’s no reason you can’t get a high-end look for less with cabinets from a big-box store so long as they’re great quality, well designed and installed and finished correctly.
4. Fake custom looks. A good carpenter can add the finishing touches that give you the custom look.
5. Do demo yourself. You might even be able to sell your current cabinets and appliances on Used Victoria or donate them to ReStores, Habitat for Humanity’s store.
6. Get you flooring on sale. Check out ifloor.com, lumberliquidators.com and shop for deals.
7. For appliances, select energy efficient ones to save you cash for years to come. And check out searsoutlet.com .
8. Last but not least, check for energy rebates!

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