Kitchen by the sea ~ walnut cabinets

Near the Pacific Ocean and right across the street from one of Victoria’s premier golf courses is a sprawling townhome. The homeowner wanted to update the tired-looking kitchen and ensure the small space had lots of storage and a custom cabinet to hide the garbage compressor. She loved the warm look of these IKEA cabinets (previously called Sophielund, now called Brokhult walnut) for their wood-looking veneer with a soft grey hue is complemented by the vibrant, cheery blue backdrop. This contemporary door style is not only beautiful–it’s practical. The colour makes it incredibly easy to maintain because it doesn’t show fingerprints or spills easily, and because of the flat surface, the doors will never collect dust and grime. The simple handles complete the look. Behind this sleek exterior are drawers that maximize every inch of this kitchen. The cabinets reach to the ceiling, making the room feel taller and… the best part… eliminating the need for dusting.

DSC_0532 DSC_0534The homeowner worked with our designer, John Frith, on this project.DSC_0533The open cabinet is the perfect place to display cookbooks. IKEA just brought out some new cabinet boxes with coloured interiors just for this purpose. Check them out here.DSC_0530DSC_0526DSC_0536DSC_0537

One of IKAN’s carpenters customized this cabinet to hide the garbage compressor.

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