IKAN roadtrip to see IKEA’s new Sektion kitchen line

We made it–baby in tow and all–to IKEA to check out their new kitchen system. It was pretty exciting for us to get a chance to all spend the day together and to see the unveiling of the new line (it is IKEA’s first new kitchen system in 20 years!).
DSC_0726From right: Alexis, Kyler, Dean’s son Sam, and Anne. DSC_0563Anne takes a break and makes herself at home–it was a long day (although this was the first kitchen we saw, actually…)DSC_0559Alana, one of the IKAN designers in Nanaimo, checks out the interior organizing options – drawers within drawers! They give the kitchen a clean design and when they’re open…. *sigh* it still make our hearts pitter patter.DSC_0733BjorketDSC_0729TingsrydDSC_0728HittarpDSC_0719Bodbyn – greyDSC_0721

DSC_0715EdserumDSC_0713EkestadDSC_0709Grimslov-white (we love the new glass door option–check it out through the link)
DSC_0698LaxarbyDSC_0704DSC_0706DSC_0695Ringhult – greyDSC_0613Ringhult – whiteDSC_0612
DSC_0732Another Ringhult white kitchen, but with Jarsta (yellow) accent doors.DSC_0598We found him like this! Apparently the IKEA staff often find him like this 😉DSC_0584DSC_0580

DSC_0585DSC_0567Designers and installers confer in a Grimslov (medium brown birch) kitchen.DSC_0566DSC_0576Dean and baby Sam check out the hardware (Dean preassembles almost every kitchen IKAN installs at our worksite.)DSC_0574Kyler checks out the new dark interior cabinet box option.DSC_0568DSC_0595No food? Anne checks a fridge in a Haggeby kitchen.DSC_0553No food in this one, either. Kyler look in the popular Bobdyn kitchen.DSC_0736Anne gets a taste of how much work goes into pulling products off the shelves (and we all agree we don’t know how Kyler and the installers have the patience and energy to do this). DSC_0724 And then some of us started to get a little sleepy… (Anne, not the baby–he did absolutely amazing!)

It was a great day, and this week our instillation crew is heading back over to learn directly from the IKEA team. We learned a lot from looking at the kitchens together, and we learned that when travelling together we rarely go hungry (there were a lot of cafeteria breaks) and we rarely answer each other’s questions with any seriousness (there were a lot of laughs).

For all the Sektion kitchens, click here.

Keep watching our blog to see Sektion kitchens as we complete them!