Kitchen organization made easy

When you get into the nitty gritty of designing your kitchen, all of the options can become overwhelming quickly. We’re talking about the most important room in your house after all; the room you likely use the most (the way you use any other room is your house is quite different than the way you use your kitchen), you entertain in it, cook in it, and you have to store a lot of items for easy access (including perishable items) in it.

That’s why our designers are a critical part of our team—they know our cabinet and drawer options and sizes and they can see how to maximize your space. But utilizing your kitchen space doesn’t stop there. We take it to the next level by plotting out what goes IN your cabinets and drawers and how best to access those items.

With a place for everything (and everything in its place) IKEA kitchens can maintain that ‘brand new’ feel in your newly renovated kitchen by making it easy for you to stay organized and on top of clutter. They can be outfitted with all kinds of tidy storage options for everyday things like recycling and trash, as well as creative solutions for storing your kitchen items, like pot and pan lids. One of our favourite fittings is the corner base cabinet pull out, a sturdy corner base cab pull out fitting with a great weight rating that tucks around corners and pulls out so you can easily reach items stashed at the back, providing optimum storage.

As our office manager Anne says, “The back of the cupboard is where good things go to never be seen again.” But with IKEA’s interior organizers, like the pull-out systems, the back of the cupboard is so easily accessible that nothing will be forgotten.

Another great design is IKEA’s 15 inch deep upper cabinets with the option of pullout drawers inside. All the drawers are Blum Tandembox Blumotion technology.

Here are some pictures of IKEA’s interior organization area of their showroom.045DSC_0534DSC_0585DSC_0706 DSC_0568 DSC_0559

Here are a few interior drawer and door organizing systems put to the test by IKAN kitchen clients. We love seeing how differently our clients utilize the space in their roomy IKEA kitchen drawers. DSC_0536 DSC_0538 022 031 2013-02-01 11.47.41 1111 210The best part of redesigning a kitchen is customizing it to function great for you, and as these photos show,  nothing has to be forgotten in the back of a cupboard.