7 tips for designing a family friendly kitchen

Designing a family friendly kitchen takes a bit of extra thought, but with a few tips from IKAN’s designers you can keep your design sophisticated for adults and… durable… for kids.


A large island is wonderful if you have the space. It’s a great place for kids to do homework while parents make dinner and a general family gathering space.

IKAN Oak Bay IKEA kitchen

Stain resistant and mark resistant countertops will keep the stress at bay and ensure a little spill or wear-and-tear doesn’t ruin your counter.


When you select your cabinets it’s important that they wash well (like IKEA’s do). Your lower cabinets will inevitably get spilled on.
Veddinge kitchen 2013
Large drawers within younger children’s reach will make it easy for them to get out and put away their cups and dishes.

IKAN Installations IKEA cabinets kitchen renovation in Victoria BC

If you have small kids consider leaving room to store a stool under the sink that they can pull out.

Ensure your layout is designed for multiple people in the kitchen. That may mean giving up the idea of an island if you have a small space (or using a roll-out cart or nearby dining room table instead).
Depending on your home’s size and layout, you may also want to dedicate a little desk as a Place for charging phones, mail, art, field trip forms, and the like.