IKAN’s kitchen tips: Utilizing pull-out wall cabinets

You’ve probably noticed that contemporary kitchen designs include a good amount of pull-out cabinetry. Pull-out cabinets make everyday life easier: there’s no need to pull out all of your cans to get to the pasta at the back of the shelf; no more lifting the heavy items from a bottom shelf. When designed and planned for well, a good pull-out cabinet can save you space. So when you’re designing your kitchen, we suggest thinking about ways you could utilize pull-out cabinets.

With floor-to-ceiling pull-outs, some ideas are:

  1. A cleaning cabinet fit with a vacuum, broom, mop and cleaning supplies.
  2. A recycling cabinet with blue boxes, bins for your soft plastic, light bulbs, batteries and styrofoam
  3. A pantry fit to… save your food! Because, as our team member Anne says “the back of cabinets is where good food goes to die.”
  4. An appliance and Tupperware cabinet so you can easily access your small appliances, such as your waffle griddle, blender, dicer, bean grinder, etc.045

There are endless ways to outfit your cabinets.

Check out how IKAN clients and IKEA outfit some of their drawers and wall cabinets:

IKAN farmhouse stainless steel kitchenBodbyn refridgerator white and grey IKEA Victoria BCkitchen-todiningIKAN InstallationsP1236581 Veddinge 2013 022 DSC_0318 fridge side (2) Workspace005 (4)