IKEA door style feature: Meet MARSTA


A fun, laid back, hip, versatile door. The silky smooth white doors a really cool feature: the handles come with foil stickers come oak, brown, white and pink. Not a fan of those option? Grab your favourite paper or wall paper and you could use that to accent your door’s integrated handle.


(Image: IKEA)

We were fortunate to work with a fantastic Central Saanich couple on their kitchen renovation who were our first customers to install MARSTA. This is the BEFORE pictures of the kitchen in the home they recently purchased.


And this is AFTER! MARSTA, with its light, bright, fun way, perfectly suits these homeowner’s warm personalities.


The creative choice of birch boxes with the MARSTA door ties in the light wood flooring resulted in a kitchen you’ve never seen before. Truly unique. The fuchsia handle accents complement the teal counter and add serious fun to this space.


Tall upper cabinets draw attention to the amazing ceilings and make this small room feel grand. No one feels trapped in this kitchen–it’s actually a wonderful place to linger, and it brightens any mood.


The modern doors suit the stainless appliances and tie in with a light grey backsplash. The clean lines keep the space feeling airy, modern and clean. We love it!

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