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Kitchen Comfort

Having a mat underfoot in the kitchen can make standing for long periods of time, say grating vegetables, much more comfortable. The average kitchen mat isn’t exactly a showstopper, so we love the use of a classically styled woven runner in this kitchen’s work zone.    

Green in the Kitchen

It’s not always easy being green, but these days bringing earth-friendly additions to your kitchen can be. From recycled wood flooring and tiles to re-purposed countertops and Energy Star-rated appliances, even a few small steps to reducing your carbon footprint make a difference. And being green doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style either, here Read More

Colourful Countertops

Talk about a pop of colour! We love that these homeowners chose to go big with colour in their kitchen and installed orange countertops. Certainly not a careful choice, this kitchen would always look cheerful and bright.

The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is possibly the only item in your kitchen you use every single day, several times over. From washing hands, to rinsing fruit, soaking dirty dishes and even bathing babies, your kitchen sink is an essential element to your busy kitchen. Here are our top three favourite sink styles. Apron Sink Just as Read More

IKEA Bedroom Event

IKAN may specialize in IKEA kitchens, but did you know we can make your bedroom closet a more beautiful place with the PAX wardrobe system? After designing the perfect PAX wardrobe for your space and bringing the pieces home from IKEA, you can hire IKAN to install your new PAX system to give you the Read More

Single Wall Kitchens

You have only one wall in your kitchen to accommodate a bank of cabinets and appliances, would you call this a problem or an opportunity? We say opportunity. A single-wall kitchen layout may seem like a challenge but this configuration actually gives you the flexibility to maximize space and keep your kitchen open. If you’re Read More

BG Granite

You may have noticed we work with many of the same tradespeople time after time. This is simply because IKAN knows great work when we see it and supporting other small, local companies is important to us. BG Granite Countertops & Design is one of the companies we work with continuously on our kitchen installations Read More

For Mom

She cooks, cleans, loves and guides you through challenges from childhood and beyond, and this Sunday is your day to thank none other than the Mama’s in your life. For a kitchen-themed Mother’s Day (where you wash the dishes!) here are a few fun ways to celebrate the lady who does it all: Olive Wood Read More

Minimalist with Colour

We love the way this IKEA kitchen incorporates a little colour into an otherwise very polished, modern kitchen. RUBRIK APPLAD uppers in light turquoise look great with wood GNOSJO lowers for a minimalist kitchen with a twist.  

Pocket Door

Short on space in your kitchen but in need of a door? If your interior wall space permits it, we love the functionality of a pocket door. Pocket doors are a great way to close off your kitchen to a less lovely space, such as a storage room, or even keep your kitchen mess out Read More