IKEA® inspiration

  • Bodbyn off-white
  • Bodbyn Grey
  • Brokhult
  • Bjorket
  • Edserum
  • Ekestad
  • Filipstad
  • Grimslov off white
  • Haggeby
  • Hittarp
  • Laxarby
  • Rasdal
  • Ringhult high gloss white
  • Ringhult
  • Tingsryd
  • Veddinge
  • Fladie
  • Grevesta
  • Jarsta

Bodbyn off-white

This gorgeous IKEA® door is all about the details. The additional beveling within the frame of the door gives this door style character. The creamy white colour is extremely versatile to fit any taste. Incorporating a combination stunning glass with a few rustic pops of colour in countertops or accessories transforms this classic door into traditional French country ambiance. If you are an admirer of the simple and less formal, choosing a quainter knob and monochromatic flooring transforms this door style to just what you need!

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Bodbyn Grey

Any of the alluring styles you can dream of for the BODBYN OFF WHITE are guaranteed to shine in the BODBYN GREY. Whether you want to keep the kids’ sticky fingerprints off your kitchen cabinets or you are loving this trendy colour, BODBYN GREY can be a wonderful addition to any home. Making the fashion forward grey doors pop with a lighter countertop creates more drama within your kitchen without committing to a bold colour choice. Instead, compliment this stunning shade of grey with smaller accents of warm yellows and mustards within choice décor.

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This wood grain pattern door plays and excites with its grey undertones. Weather you choose to use it throughout your kitchen or mix and match, this door will always stand out and look beautiful. Make this door extremely modern by mixing with the GREVESTA door and chrome pulls to create a calm and cool colour palette. Another choice is to pair this door with either VEDDINGE or RINGHULT WHITE or GREY cabinets to create a more layered palette while toning down the pattern within the BROKHULT door.

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This light and airy birch door will bring a warm light into your home. Easily molded into a more contemporary design with single toned floors and dark counter tops. The earthy birch wood pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances. This door meshes with almost any colour in your home décor. Keep it natural with greens and yellows or give your kitchen a bit of flare with red or blue accent pieces. Mix this door style with VEDDINGE and white quartz counters for a trendy Modern Dutch look. BJOKET is versatile enough to work in any space from a family friendly home to an upscale condo.

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This door is a nice middle ground between a dark and light wood. The simple shaker style is functional and refined. This door can complement other woods in your furniture or pick up warm tones from countertops, tile or accent decor. Create a warm farmhouse kitchen with black cup pulls paired with a skirted sink, or pair it with EDSERUM glass doors and granite counters for an American Traditional or Craft-style home. Adding a white tile with dark grout alongside sleek modern appliances create a more up-beat, flexible space. This door easily flows from kitchen to dining to living spaces in your home.

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The EKESTAD door gives the feel of a darker design for lovers of the dramatic kitchen. The rich dark espresso colour and alluring, subtle wood grain give more visual interest to this darker door, while the elegant edge-profile lends a customized touch. The EKESTAD doors in frosted glass creates a nice balance between a unified and mixed door kitchen. Adding a rounded chrome bar pull keeps the design clean and fresh whereas using a dark cup pull handle will create a more rustic west coast look. These doors look beautiful with a dark or light counter top to match many styles.

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FLIPSTAD is very versatile because of its combination of light and dark tones in the wood grain. If a craftsman kitchen is your style, FLIPSTAD is the obvious choice. Simple dark or chrome knobs and straight pulls bring out the darker lines in the wood grain. Combined with a simple white subway tile this door creates a rustic craftsman log cabin feel. If a more Spanish/South American feel is what you are looking for, combine this door with some fun Talavera tile. The royal blues and rich yellows in the tile will bring out the warmer honey tones in these solid wood doors.

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Grimslov off white

This shaker style door is elegantly classic in any home. Its clean design and choice of colour in off-white or classic medium brown wood makes it versatile enough to fit into any decor. By adding cup pull style knobs, Grimslov can transform to a cozy farmhouse feel. For the more modern homeowner, a sleek chrome bar pull adds a nice modern touch to a kitchen. The beautiful off-white doors with their simple framework allows for easy mix and match styles with any other IKEA® doors for a dramatic change or a subtle decorative change. As IKAN’s most popular door style you really can’t go wrong with this timeless design.

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The HAGGEBY door is one of IKEA®’s most cost-effective doors. Great for any location where price point might be critical. This contemporary/modern IKEA® door is clean and functional, and pairs well with high gloss, dark wood or coloured door styles. Pair it with the TINGSYD door, another cost effective yet more dramatic choice. Almost any knob style would look great with this door, from bright colours to brushed bronze or classic chrome, the style possibilities are endless.

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This door is a top choice for any country cabin lovers out there. The multiple grooves in the door give a nice symmetry throughout the kitchen, mimicking the popular architectural feature of bead-board. HITTARP is perfect for a shabby chic or beachy design pairing perfectly with a combination of black cup-pulls and knobs. Adding a chop block countertop can complement a cabin/shabby chic style kitchen or change this look to a more time-honored appearance. Paired with a curved chrome pulls and some elegant crown molding, this door style becomes clean and cool to balance the eye catching fluting in the door.

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This shaker style door makes a dramatic statement. The dark finish paired with the classic framing allows for endless options in choice of handles and backsplash. Install a faux brick wall to feel like you’re out at a rustic coffee shop right in your own kitchen! Using black cup pulls on the black door keeps all cabinets visually unified. Create more visual interest by incorporating the JARSTA glass door to display simple stemware or contrast the dark door with a pop of white dishes.

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This IKEA door style has a silky smooth finish and integrated handles. It’s modern look can be personalized by choosing between four colours for the handles (included foil stickers come in oak, brown, white and pink).

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This door is elegant with a little earthy thrown in. The gorgeous white wash wood finish is stunning in its solid and glass options. A gold or bronze handle brings this door into an art deco vibe. You can easily paired with daring patters in wallpaper or flooring, you can imagine, or keep it trendy with marble counter tops and white glass tile backsplash. Simplicity accentuates the subtle wood grain in this door.

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Ringhult high gloss white

This high gloss clean door is the epitome of contemporary chic. Paired with any doors style from the classic LAXARBY to the daring FLADIE, this door ties it altogether. Weather you go with a push latch, half hidden or straight door pull, this door stays sleek and stylish. The high gloss gives a nice light balance and very streamline look, great to make a small kitchen look bigger or simply be an end-panel accent in a larger kitchen.

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This high gloss clean door is the epitome of contemporary chic. Paired with any doors style from the classic LAXARBY to the daring FLADIE, this door ties it altogether. Weather you go with a push latch, half hidden or straight door pull, this door stays sleek and stylish. The high gloss gives a nice light balance and very streamline look, great to make a small kitchen look bigger or simply be an end-panel accent in a larger kitchen.

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This style can go from modern to rustic to industrial in a drop of a hat. Pair with long bar pulls and a smooth concrete floor to give the illusion of a minimalist industrial home. Kick up the homey atmosphere by incorporating some dark reclaimed wood pieces, or take this dark door style in a more relaxed direction by complimenting it with creamy greys and whites. Also pairs nicely with VEDDINGE, RINGHULT or RASDAL doors.

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VEDDINGE is a simple and safe choice that is easy to keep up with trends. The semi-gloss finish pairs well with high gloss or coloured door styles to create a diverse kitchen. To keep a more classic look pair this door with the gorgeous RASDAL glass doors to add some bright sections within a wall of cabinets or seamlessly flow from kitchen to dinning/living room in an open concept home. Almost any knob style would look amazing with this door, from bright colours to brushed bronze or classic chrome, the style possibilities are endless.

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This door is definitely not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for a bold new look this is the style for you. This sleek door creates a more modern contemporary kitchen. The green tone in its semi-gloss finish make for a fun-filled kitchen! Mix and match this door with VEDDINGE for a more subtle colour pop or even incorporate any beautiful glass doors to create separation within the design. The FLADIE door style is also great for colour blocking. Make your kitchen island a focal point in your home by drawing attention to the vibrant colour that will contrast and compliment the rest of your kitchen.

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Create the illusion of a private chef’s kitchen in your home! Add a chop block counter and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a 5 star restaurant kitchen. Match appliances to your cabinets and handles. From glass tile back splash to artisan style furnishings even vintage heirloom pieces look fantastic next to this stainless steel door. Use it throughout your kitchen as a fun accent piece with any of IKEA®’s other doorstyles.

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When we think of a modern kitchen we look for frameless door design, sleek and simple hardware and strong lines throughout the space allowing the natural beauty of the materials to come through. JARSTA is a wonderful compliment to any modern kitchen. Its warm yellow colour melds in harmony with a clean semi or high gloss white cabinet. Pairing the door with semi hidden aluminum handles keeps a streamline and strong design aesthetic. Another nice choice for this door style is pairing it with the darker TINGRYD door to create a more cozy style. The darker tones compliment the warm yellow in a more natural composition.

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