Plan Your Reno

 IKAN understands how much goes into planning a renovation, this is why we have setup a step by step guide to help you achieve the renovation you have been dreaming of.

Step 1 - Dream

This is the first exciting stage in achieving a wonderful space.  Start by thinking about what you love and how you want your custom space to look.  Imagine a kitchen that comfortably works for your everyday needs, dream about your redesigned room.  If you are in need of inspiration look at our Houzz and Facebook pages, or come visit us in our Victoria showroom.  There you can speak with one of our designers.

 Dreaming is the imaginative initial step in your renovation process.

Step 2 - Plan

This is where we make your dream a reality.  Contact IKAN in our Cook St. Village showroom or on our website to speak with our professional designers for a showroom based consultation.  Our designers will collaborate with your budget to create a functional and beautiful floor plan.  With over a decade of industry experience, we have built many strong relationships with well recommend  contractors and local businesses for unique interior decor.  For further tips on prepping for your renovation check out our FAQs.

Step 3 - Savor

Bon Appétit! Cook, bake, sip, entertain, relax.  Do all those things you dreamed of in your elegant, functional new IKAN kitchen.


  • 1. If your current layout suits you then keep it!  Costs can add up quickly when you take down walls and move plumbing, electrical and gas lines.  We believe in well-designed kitchens with interior organizers for cabinets and drawers can solve most homeowners issues about not having enough storage space.

  • 2. Chose a flat-packed cabinetry system.  The experts agree—Sarah Richardson, JD Power, Style at Home magazine—it is the most economical way to get great cabinetry.

  • 3. Use big drawers instead of lower cabinets wherever possible so you can easily use the entire storage space.

  • 4. Have a contingency fund of at least 20% to cover overages, splurges and unforeseen conditions, such as moving an electrical component.

  • 5. Ask about floor-model appliances or last year’s models to save some cash.

  • 6. Include lots of power outlets.