12 secrets of a well-organized kitchen

The IKAN team hasnarrowed it down to 12 of our favourite ways to declutter and organize a kitchen so that you love your space. Here we go!

  1. First up, grab a big ol' box and label it DONATION Then...from bottom to top and top to bottom, get rid of everything you don’t use. Then go through your food items and get rid of everything that isn't going to be eaten
  2. Next, Move everything you don’t use at least once a week somewhere else (hall closet, garage, shed, depending on how often you use them)
  3. Ensure that everything in your kitchen has a home--even the clutter--give it a drawer, a basket/organizer, or mount a magnet board nearby.
12 secrets of a well-organized kitchen
  1. If it makes sense for your kitchen space, put your baking utensils in the baking bowl, and likewise with other items that are used as a group
  2. Keep your cooking tools together in a drawer (or cupboard) as close to the stove as possible
  3. Outfit your drawers and cupboards with organizers
  4. Consider what items you could store on a lazy susan and pick up a lid rack to keep lids upright and out of the way
  5. If space is tight, consider moving your cookbooks to a bookshelf in a nearby room
  6. Buy a drawer divider (or a utensil holder) for your other drawers to organize small tools
  7. Install a full-height pantry with pull-out drawers or find another easily accessible spot for food storage
  8. Use drawers instead of cupboards/shelves so things don’t get forgotten and lost, but if that's not an option install a sliding shelf organizer
  9. Take food out of packaging and put it in containers, or buy in bulk
12 secrets of a well-organized kitchen

Did we miss one of your favourite kitchen-organization tips? Please share!