Single Wall Kitchens

You have only one wall in your kitchen to accommodate a bank of cabinets and appliances, would you call this a problem or an opportunity? We say opportunity. A single-wall kitchen layout may seem like a challenge but this configuration actually gives you the flexibility to maximize space and keep your kitchen open. If you're tight on square footage in a condo kitchen for example, a rolling island provides additional counter space and a place to perch. In a cottage kitchen you may consider having your dining table double as prep space before gathering for a big family meal.Also known as 'I' shaped or single galley kitchen layouts, here are a few inspiring images to get you thinking that maybe just one wall for your kitchen sprawl wouldn't be so bad after all.(We love an unintentional rhyme :))

single wall kitchen by Space Kit
Grey single wall kitchen by Jason Arnold Interiors
West Coast single wall kitchen by Jason Ball Interiors
I-shaped condo kitchen by Mango Design Co