A Personal Approach

Right from the beginning we knew that IKAN was different than the other kitchen installation companies in town. Not just in that we were bringing IKEA kitchens to Vancouver Island, but in how we worked with our clients. To start, we felt that in order to properly design a kitchen we needed to be in a client's home. Most kitchen companies have showrooms where homeowners bring in their kitchen layout and ideas to have their kitchen designed and quoted by a designer. We wanted to take a more personal and precise approach which is why we decided that the design process needs to take place inside a client's actual kitchen.For us it is important to know the answers to questions like: Where is your primary prep space? How many people are cooking in this kitchen at once? Where do you like to stand when washing up? The answers to these questions give us insight into how our clients use their space and we are also able to see sight lines and obstacles which better prepare us for install.Our personal approach to kitchen design helps familiarize us with your space, eliminating the need for an expensive showroom with high overhead, which means we can keep costs down for you too.