A reno close to home (very close)

If you're already an IKEA fan, you'll see what I am talking about (and "I" am Kyler, by the way, one of the co-owners of IKAN), but if you're an IKEA sceptic then I'm going to show you why you should change your mind! I'm sharing with you my own space... my home. My wife and I have been through a crazy reno: living between a RV, generously loaned to us by my in-laws, and the chaos of our ripped apart shell of a house. We are finally at a point that I would love to show you what was and what is.

kylers before

BEFORE: Sooooo before.

kylers reno

With just an idea in my head, my very trusting wife has allowed me create an amazing space. Of course I need to give thanks to our great team at IKAN including all of our subtrades.


AFTER! We're almost done. Just waiting on some countertops and other fixtures. We love our Lidingo cabinetry.

And one last thing, I want to talk about IKEA. We didn't just start IKAN because we love spending hours and hours on the ferries. We LOVE the product and believe in it--they're amazing at bringing your dream kitchen to life. So when I got to this stage in my reno there where no questions on what we'd be installing... only the best of course, IKEA! Now for anyone doing what we're doing or thinking about it, all I can say is: Have fun enjoy the process. It's crazy, it's exciting, it's all worth it in the end! Stay tuned for more updates on my house reno. Cheers, Kyler