IKAN's new kitchen services

If all you want for Christmas isa new kitchen, we're very happy to tell you about our new services. We've designed a range of services to fit every price point and ability.

  1. WE-KAN: Our first and most popular service is WE-KAN, where we take care of everything for you. The IKAN team does it all: measures, designs, orders, stores, preassembles off site and installs your kitchen. You sit back and relax.
  2. YOU-KAN Order and Store: If you would like to order and store your own kitchen, but need professionals to make sure you have the measurements and order list right, and to take care of installation, this is your package! We measure, design and install; you order and store the products.
  3. WE-KAN Design: If you're handy with an Allen key (and other tools), but want to make sure you get the design just right, our interior designers will come by and take you kitchen measurements and then produce an optimum design for your space. Our team will provide you with the order list for you to order, store and install your own kitchen.
  4. WE-KAN Install: If you just want to call in the pros to make installation goes just right, we're here to help. You can measure, design, order and store, and we can do the heavy lifting.
IKAN’s new kitchen services

You can read descriptions of these services on ourFAQpage. Pleasecontact usfor pricing.

IKAN’s new kitchen services