Before and After: A dramatic update in Broadmead

In a beautiful Broadmead neighbourhood sits a custom-built 80s home that was, until recently, in need of some esthetic attention. So when the new owners moved in, they began renovations right away, and called IKAN to help with the kitchen, which was in desperate need of more space and better function. The owners were used to having a large kitchen and really needed to maximize their storage space in their new kitchen. IKAN co-founder and designer Anthony Stubbs worked with them through the design process to come up with a visually pleasing layout while maximizing their storage needs. Symmetry was very important for the owners and it was achieved with the cabinets around the sink and above the stove. After helping with the design, IKAN ordered the kitchen, picked it up and brought it over to the island and installed it--along with some custom finishes.

The result? An inviting floor plan with a large island where the kids can do their homework while parents prep dinner and guests can hang out and chat.

Before and After:


The dark cabinet doors, are Ramsjo in Black Brown, and are beautifully accented with the metal pendant lights over the island. The ivory-coloured counter top and island are a beautiful contrast. Can't you envision a great dinner simmering away while friends gather here? We hope many happy memories will be made in this new space.