Breakfast bars: more than for eating breakfast

If you feel like your friends and family don't hang out in the kitchen enough, then you probably don't have a breakfast bar. Something about a perch in the kitchen just draws people like moths to a flame. We adore them for many reasons... okay 7 reasons... and here they are!

  1. It's a great place to put things you'd like close by, but not on your countertop/cooking workspace. For example, a fruit bowl and tea pot.
  2. Family and guests will want to just sit and hang out in the kitchen. If you have kids, they can work on art or homework while you prep dinner. It's a great casual place to have conversations--you may even get more than a "fine" when you ask you teen how their day was!
  3. A breakfast bar creates division between the cook and guests. They can relax, and you can relax with them out of your way!
  4. Stools are a fun novelty item for the kitchen and they come in so many styles that it's an opportunity to add more personality to your room. Also, most people like to sit it them: they're comfortable and informal.
  5. A breakfast bar is the perfect place to set up a buffet-style dinner or nibbles for a party.
  6. It's also great as an actual bar! Set it up as a mixing station and chat with your guests while you make them drinks.
  7. The base can have any number of drawers or cupboards (A great idea for those with families, who always need more storage: Use the cabinetry area as a place to store homework and knapsacks.)
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An island can reap the same rewards!