Canadian celebs love IKEA kitchens

Canadian celebs, designer Jillian Harris, chef Lynn Crawford, HGTV star Scott McGillivray and TV host Jessi Cruickshank show off their personalized Ikea Sektion kitchens in this video. A great video to check out to see the kitchens' functionalities and steal some pretty great tips!

Canada's famous interior designer Sarah Richardson also loves and designs IKEA kitchens, so does her trusty right-hand man, Tommy Smythe.

Richardson, has this to say about IKEA cabinets (check out her blog post for more great reno tips):

"This is where my save/splurge approach to design really comes into play. By selecting an in-stock, off the rack cabinet style from those clever Swedes at Ikea (that happened to also be on sale for 50 per cent off the regular price!!!) I was able to install all my cabinets and granite counters, customized to my preferences as much as the building blocks would allow, for a grand total of about$11,000. With over 30 linear feet of counter top (thanks to a raised bar that wraps around from the dining room right through the living room) you can imagine that my save really paid off!"

You can check out the results on her blog: for a free in-home consultation? Just give us a shout.