Close up on countertops: Granite

We thought we'd kick off our "Close up on countertops" series with a look at the counter our clients select the most often: Granite. Here are some of the pros and cons (there aren't many cons):

  • Granites is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz and a variety of other materials
  • It is the most hardwearing and least porous of the natural stone countertops
  • Lighter granite is softer, more porous and needs regular resealing versus the darker variety
  • The thicker the granite, the more often it should be resealed
  • It comes in a variety of looks and can suit any kitchen style
  • Granite is very easy to clean--just a little soap and water on that glossy surface and you're done
  • The stone is extremely difficult to scratch or stain and able to withstand heat (light to medium granite colours are more prone to oil marks if a spill isn’t wiped up in a timely manner)
  • It needs resealing
  • It’s one of the most expensive countertop options (but it also has fantastic longevity)
  • Granite is a great feature for resale if you may sell your home
Granite from BG Granite

Image courtesy of BG Granite.