Do IKEA cabinets have formaldehyde?

For many families off gassing of new products is a critical health concern. If members of your family have asthma or immune issues, the fumes are important to avoid. It's important to know that almost all cabinets have some level of formaldehyde. So, do IKEA cabinets have formaldehyde? You can breathe a big, healthy sigh of relief.


The following is from IKEA:The IKEA product range is subjected to comprehensive tests and shall comply with the strictest applicable laws and safety standards on all our sales markets. We have detailed regulations on the use of chemicals and other substances in the manufacturing process.The primary concern of off-gassing in home furnishing products is formaldehyde, which is often present in fabrics, lacquers, paints and wood products. At IKEA, we apply the strictest legislation for formaldehyde emissions in our products sold worldwide.Fabrics are covered under the Finnish standard whereas wood products must adhere to the California standard. All paints and lacquers applied to IKEA products are formaldehyde-free, which means that the final product will have an even lower emission level than the individual materials.While there is currently no standard in Canada for the use of formaldehyde, the IKEA limit value is approximately half of the European limit for individual wood-based materials. The limits decided within IKEA are kept by a comfortable margin to the stated limit values.Our vision is that formaldehyde emission levels in wood based products shall be on the same levels as natural wood and that IKEA products shall be free from questionable substances.IKEA maintains the strictest standard currently available in all cases (which is the California standard at this time). These standards state that total emissions from a wood-based product cannot exceed 0.05 ppm. This emission level is achieved by testing each individual material component separately according to the method suitable for the material.We work closely with our suppliers to continually improve and implement quality routines and procedures. As part of our quality assurance program we do random tests for both the materials used in our products and the finished products. IKEA requires that all our suppliers, within a 24-hour notice, shall be able to show verification test reports and certificates stating compliance to IKEA demands and legal requirements available.