Our favourite kitchen features

We see so many amazingkitchens that weoften find ourselveslost daydreaming about our own kitchens. Whether it's abeautiful product,

Our favourite kitchen features

innovative idea orcool new appliance, most of us take mental notes for our future kitchen-renovating selves. Want to know what we would do if we were in your shoes?

  • "Open shelving. It's great for easy accessibility to the everyday dishes and it's an opportunity to have a 'wow' backsplash." ~ Alexis, interior designer
  • "I love organization so more lower drawers and interior fittings for them." ~Anne, manager
  • "A man servant." ~Chels, bookkeeper
  • "A beautiful piece of granite to complement my favourite cabinets: IKEA's Lidingo--in white." ~Kyler, IKAN owner
  • "A big farmhouse sink and a hands-free faucet. There are a few models out there like the Delta touchless faucet, which I think are cool." ~ Britt, marketer

Want to know what our Facebook fans pine for?

  • "A chef!!!"
  • "New counter tops!"
  • "Seating and a better placed dishwasher!"
  • "Cupboards and drawers that are more functional! (And more of them for that matter!)"