Five ways to add colour to your kitchen

It's spring and something about this time of year gives us the energy and enthusiasm we need to work on our homes. An easy update with big impact for your kitchen is to add (or switch up) colour. Working colour into your home is a great way to show your personality and bring a certain feel to a room -- as you know, colour can evoke emotion. If you want to add some colour to your kitchen, here are five easy ways to do it without breaking the bank:1. Paint. An accent wall, chairs, a shelf... anything paintable!


2. Put some colourful dishes on display.3. Replace your most-used utensils with ones in your favourite colour(s) and put them on display--and in easy reach (bonus!).4. Time for a new toaster? Coffee maker? Kettle? The list of colourful appliances on the market is neverending.5. Add a colourful cabinet (freestanding or hung) to the room.