How to get rid of kitchen clutter

Do you have an island in your kitchen that you can't find? Or some countertop space that once existed but is now buried under electronics, papers and keys? One of the great things about when you do a kitchen renovation or update is that you stop and take stock of everything in your kitchen--and you purge. You also think about how it would all work best--a drawer instead of a cabinet for pots, for example. You think about the way your family uses your kitchen, and you plan how to get that clutter off your counter. Here are a few of the pieces of advice IKAN designers give our clients.Clearing off your countertopsNip the paper in the bud:

  • Have a handy recycling bin for junk mail, etc.
  • Get your mail electronically whenever possible. It’s much easier to save and store files and eliminates the mess.
Recycling Station

Give everything a place:

  • Have a devoted area for the papers you need to hold on to (a drawer or basket). If you have the space, consider a small workstation with cupboards and baskets.
  • If your spices are out in plain view and you'd like to hide them away, a back-of-the cabinet spice rack or a spice drawer are fantastic.
  • Don't empty your pockets on the island... Clear out a drawer or hang a little shelf by the front door for phones, kets, wallets, etc.
  • Get smart about your appliances. Take stock of what you use every day. Anything you don’t use every day can probably move off your counter and be stored in easy reach. Anything you don't use every week can even leave the kitchen and be stored in a nearby closet. Also look for smaller appliances and ones that serve multiple functions like a small handheld blender.
  • Install an appliance garage or cupboard
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Do you have any other tips? Please share, if you do!