A System for Growth

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Dean in the Shop

IKAN's Dean works on assembling kitchens in our shop, an important step in our system for kitchen installations.[/caption]Not long after IKAN’s launch we found ourselves with a very good problem: we were growing too quickly. We knew how to build a beautiful kitchen but figuring out how to build three in a week was going to be a challenge.With guidance from two incredible mentors, our graphic designer, Ivan Meade, and our lawyer, Graham Weeks, we realized that our growth would rely upon a system for kitchen installations and require delegation. We streamlined our approach to installations to handle volume rather than working around the clock, creating a system that continues to play a key role in our growth. Since we both could not handle all aspects of the business we decided that Kyler would be IKAN's onsite specialist, overseeing the coordination and quality of each kitchen, and Anthony would be in charge of sales, design and client relations. We also hired some very skilled employees, like Dean Nishimura in the photo above, who we are fortunate to have working with us today.The IKAN team continues to work with the system we developed to make sure that every kitchen installation is seamless. We pre-assemble kitchens in our warehouse, minimizing disruption in our clients' homes and expediting the time it takes to give them the kitchens of their dreams. Our growth and development has not come without growing pains but with every project we learn more and continue to impress our clients with quality kitchens, unbeatable service and incredible results.Cheers,Anthony & Kyler