Hilary & Rob's Family Kitchen

Hilary & Rob before & after

Hilary and Rob came to us with the need for a new kitchen that would accommodate their family of five since their current kitchen was only big enough for two and not a place you wanted to hang out in. Working with IKAN's designer, Alexis, they created a design that would open up the whole room which meant cutting back one wall and pushing back another. Hilary also wanted a custom island with storage, including the tech station for charging electronics, which we created by building custom shelves above the island cupboards. We worked with Hilary and Rob extensively throughout the design process and came up with new ideas for challenges that we encountered in their kitchen, such as a low bulkhead which would not allow for a traditional fridge cabinet. Instead, we mounted a 12" x 36" drawer front with horizontal hardware above the fridge so that the kitchen did not lack this additional storage space.Hilary and Rob now feel like they have a much more livable space on their main floor and their new kitchen actually makes their home feel larger. They are inclined to hang out in their kitchen now, with all family members taking part in dinner preparations, using the island as a homework station (complete with laptop charging and storage!) and even entertaining 30 guests, which they did to celebrate the completion of their renovation.We checked in on Hilary and Rob to see how they are enjoying their kitchen and we really loved Rob's response: "I actually take pleasure in cleaning up now that everything has a place with all of the extra storage space.'' Lucky you, Hilary!

Hilary & Rob overview 2
Hilary & Rob island
Hilary & Rob custom fridge cabinet
Hilary & Rob tech station

We want to extend special thanks to IKAN's designer, Alexis, who came up with great solutions for Hilary and Rob's new kitchen. This kitchen also happened to be Alexis' first project with IKAN and we know Hilary and Rob are so happy with how everything turned out!