How to make cabinets work in an open kitchen

In a recent Houzz survey an incredible 77% of respondents revealed their kitchens are open to another room in their home. Open-concept homes offer fantastic benefits to the homeowners, and we are huge fans, but they require thoughtful planning--especially when it comes to the kitchen. When your kitchen is open to another room in your house (usually it's the living room), it needs to complement it. IKAN co-owner and kitchen designer Anthony Stubbs and Alexis Solomon, D.I.D, IKAN kitchen designer principal of MINT Design put their heads together to offer you some tips for pulling this off:1. Consider the placement of your appliances and the possibility of integrating appliances with cabinetry panels, such as IKEA’s Renlig panelled dishwasher.2. Keep flooring consistent throughout the space.3 .Give your cabinets the feel of furniture by painting ready-made/stock cabinets to keep the cozy vibe of your space intact.4. Keep the number of your upper cabinets minimal. You can also look at using glass cabinets or open shelving to keep the kitchen airy and unobtrusive.5. Go with one colour scheme throughout the space.Ultimately, what you're trying to do is keep the space as one cohesive, simple aesthetic.

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