IKEA door style of the week: Bodbyn

BODBYN OFF WHITE- This gorgeous IKEA door is all about the details. The additional beveling within the frame of the door gives this door style charming character. The creamy white colour is extremely versatile to fit any taste. Incorporating a combination stunning glass with a few rustic pops of colour in countertops or accessories transforms this classic door into traditional French country ambiance. If you are an admirer of the simple and less formal, choosing a quainter knob and monochromatic flooring transforms this door style to just what you need!BODBYN GREY- Any of the alluring styles you can dream of for the BODBYN OFF WHITE are guaranteed to shine in the BODBYN GREY. Whether you want to keep the kids’ sticky fingerprints off your kitchen cabinets or you are loving this trendy colour, BODBYN GREY can be a wonderful addition to any home. Make the fashion-forward grey doors pop by pairing them with a lighter countertop--creating more drama within your kitchen without committing to a bold colour choice. A great colour compliment for this stunning shade of grey is yellow--warm yellows and mustards in particular. Just select some choice décor, such as small kitchen utensils, tea cups, or a beautiful kettle or piece of cookware and voila.We took a couple of pictures at the IKEA showroom this spring. Here is Dean and baby Sam checking out a white BODBYN kitchen.


And this is the stunning grey look:


Here are some IKAN installed BODBYN kitchens:


Entire kitchen


Beach Drive Kitchen overview

005 (6)

Next week we'll look at another IKEA door style--stay tuned!