IKEA door style of the week: Grimslov

IKEA's Grimslov is a popular shaker style door, which is elegant and classic in any home. Its clean design paired with your choice of colour in off-white or classic medium brown wood makes it versatile enough to fit into any decor. By adding 'cup pull' style knobs, Grimslov can transform to a cozy farmhouse feel.

2015-02-11 17.36.15

For the more modern homeowner, a sleek chrome bar pull adds a nice modern touch to a kitchen. The beautiful off-white doors with their simple framework allows for easy mix and match styles with any other IKEA doors for a dramatic change or a subtle decorative change. As IKAN’s most popular door style you really can’t go wrong with this timeless design.

Grimslov white and brown vert
Grimslov white 3
Grimslov white and grey
Grimslov med brown
Grimslov med brown
Grimslov med brown
Grimslov 4