It’s official. Same exceptional kitchens, now with even MORE options to create your dream living spaces

IKAN started with the installation of IKEA kitchens and we haven’t stopped, only now our services have grown to offer a broader range of choices to include fully customized options for your home design wish list. From kitchens and bathrooms, to master closets and mudrooms, we’ve got you covered.

We are delighted to offer three different lines to suit your style and your budget. Introducing PURE, ELEVATE AND BOLD.

PURE – 100% IKEA kitchen with 15 doorstyles to choose from.

Why you’ll love it: Besides the high quality and long term warranty on materials, this line offers a budget friendly option to bring your dream design into reality.

ELEVATE – Get the best of both worlds with a combination of IKEA + Custom.

Why you’ll love it: Choose from a wider range of door styles and finishing materials while keeping the interior components (drawers and boxes) all IKEA, a cost effective way to get that customized look.

BOLD – 100% custom.

Why you’ll love it: With more variety and styling options, the sky really is the limit when it comes to getting what you want. In addition to custom fronts, finishing materials and shelving, this line offers:

  • Push to open drawers
  • Birch boxes and drawers
  • Personalized colours for the frames
  • No limitations on frame size or shape
  • Customized appliance panels and hood fan housing

Regardless of what you are hoping to achieve, with this amount of mix and match options we can help you make it happen.