Kitchen design trends of 2014: Year in Review

You know what’s great about December? So many things! Shortbread, hot chocolate, parties, Christmas lights, family and friends you haven’t seen in ages, and… Year in Review lists. We love Year in Review lists so we’ve put together one of our own: Kitchen design trends of 2014 accompanied by pictures of recent IKAN kitchen projects.In the kitchen world this year there were a few big design trends. They were:

Hardware with character—whether it was brass, black or rustic looking, it stood out against cabinets and added a luxe, timeless look.

cab lights (3)


Natural materials for countertops, flooring, backsplashes and accents

Collinson kitchen breakfast bar

White. It’s been on the list for at least a decade and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s been the colour of choice for years and for the majority of our clients it still is. We saw more clients combining white with other cabinet colours, such as grey, red, blue and birch.


Blue! It didn’t give white a run for its money, but we did see a lot more blue this year than in previous years and we expect to see even more in 2015 as it continues to dominate in home style magazines. It’s a great colour for accents, custom paint jobs on cabinets, wall paper, chairs, and like all the best design trends: it’s timeless.


Farmhouse sinks

Gallery Cadboro Bay

Open shelving and minimal upper cabinets


Drawers for every cabinet


For 2015 we predict we will see more pops of bold colour, metallics, open spaces, black, contemporary kitchen design paired with traditional cabinet styles and sconce lighting.