A kitchen that doesn't look like everyone else's

One of the desires we hear most often from our clients when we are talking about kitchen design is that they want to have a kitchen that reflects who they are and doesn't look like everyone else's. There are countless ways to achieve this, but without blowing the budget the simplest way is to display items that are meaningful to you. For one of our clients it was displaying all her beautiful red cookware, which infused her white kitchen with her favourite colour and showed her love of cooking. It was both practical and beautiful. For others, it has been artwork--and if you have some creative talent, you can chanel your inner Martha Stewart like our friend Lindsey did and create your own artwork. These pieces are a perfect reflection of Lindsey: funny, smart, creative and easy going.

Or take this jewel-inspired kitchen as an example. Against a muted purple backdrop and accented by the homeowner's choice of black counters and tiles, this colourful Aboriginal artwork is perfect in this Songhees home.Other inexpenive ways to bring your personality in to your kitchen can be through your chairs (or stools). You can find affordable chairs and have them spraypainted your favourite colour. Yet another way is to find a neat light fixture. And last but not least: find a rug that makes you happy, like this Lapplijung rug from IKEA, (and if you keep a clean kitchen you can even go for a large rug, and make a big statement).