Kitchen Organization Made Easy

If the key to maintaining that 'brand new' feel in your newly renovated kitchen is staying organized and on top of clutter, then it's IKEA's Rationell Series that will help make this a reality. With a place for everything (and everything in its place) IKEA kitchens benefit from basics like the Rationell soft close for drawers and doors, tidy storage options like pull-out recycling and creative solutions for everything from spice jars to pot lids. One of our favourite Rationell fittings is the corner base cabinet pull out, a sturdy lazy Susan that tucks around corners and pulls out so you can easily reach even miscellaneous items stashed at the back, providing optimum storage.Here are a few interior drawer and door organizing systems put to the test by IKAN kitchen clients. We love seeing how differently our clients utilize the space in their roomy IKEA kitchen drawers.

2013-02-01 11.47.41
2013-02-01 11.47.53

For more options, the IKEA showroom is a great place to get inspired on how you can use Rationell to keep your kitchen organized.

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