Kitchen Updates on a Budget

If your kitchen is calling out for an update but you don't have the budget for a full-scale reno, we have some great ideas to breath new life into your space.1. Add ColourWe've mentioned Emerald green cabinets and colourful countertops but by far the easiest way to add colour to your kitchen is with paint. Whether you do a feature wall or go bold with an all-over colour, paint can just as easily be added as it can be taken away, so don't be shy. Fuchsia walls in the kitchen? Why not!

fuschia kitchen

2. New Cabinet PullsAdding new knobs or pulls to your kitchen cabinets is an easy update that can be quite cost effective. Maybe you're saving up for new cabinetry but can't stand the look of outdated knobs on your current cabinets; simple, modern pulls help even dated '80s cabinets look more current. Search your local hardware store, Anthropologie and even IKEA for great and inexpensive options.3. Countertop AccessoriesClutter is a big contributor to the way a kitchen looks. Think about the kitchens you admire in magazines and take a look at your own, chances are you could clear most items off of your counters and put them into cupboards or drawers for a cleaner look. For what can't be stashed away consider adding pretty containers in fun colours, like a utensil Crock in cheerful blue, a collection of chalk labeled jars for baking supplies and even a pretty cookie jar.