New appliance collections

Whirlpool and GE have both recently come out with appliance collections in new finishes--and we LOVE them and have to share with you.First, there is Whirlpool's "Ice collection". These gorgeous appliances have a crisp design and could make a bold statement or just blend nicely in for a refined look. What sets them apart are the stainless steel fixtures, which make them luxurious. In both white ice and black ice, they could suit most contemporary kitchens. For those who love a modern, clean look, get ready to swoon!Second up is GE's "Slate collection". GE's exclusive Slate finish is elegant and unique. Inspired by the rich texture of stone, it provides a warm, inviting alternative to stainless steel. These appliances could work is vistually any kitchen design. What we love most is that unlike shiny stainless steel finishes, the dark matte finish hides fingerprints.