Our new look

IKAN has come a long way in four years, and it’s time for a little makeover. As our company has matured (maybe we as individuals have even matured… no, just aged), we’ve come to a new, more refined phase. We’re no longer a start-up business, we’re a well-oiled machine, and our interior designers, installers and admin team are all offering the best of the best service.


We’re excited to unveil our new logo because it is a great reflection of where IKAN is as a company. The new look is stylish and refined. The clean lines and modular lettering mimic the kitchens we install, which fit together, have clean lines (thanks to our designers) and have a feeling of openness. And can you spot the cabinet door? Pretty cute. Thanks, Meade Design—they’ve been our graphic design team from the start and they’ve shown us a ton of support over the years, as well as fantastic design and service.With IKEA’s upcoming launch of their European-inspired SEKTION kitchen line, it’s serendipitous we have moved toward this new look. As you know, we’re extremely excited for IKEA’s new kitchen line, which they describe as “a more modular system that will offer new opportunities for better use of the interior space inside each cabinet.” We’ve also heard it will have more contemporary door-style options.It feels fitting to launch this new look now: We’re on the cusp of a new year in which we will get to start working with this new line and some new looks. You’ll see our newly designed website and vehicles soon, too! We hope you like it.