Painting your kitchen cabinets

Painting your cabinets is an ideal way to make your kitchen stand out--and look more expensive than it is. Coloured cabinets can create drama and add life to this very important room. They can also make certain cabinets look more like furniture than cabinetry, which can be advantageous in an open-concept home where you want your kitchen to flow into your livingroom.The change painted cabinets can make is truly incredible. So how do you do it? Well, our first tip is you don't. One of our own tried to paint his cabinets himself (even using professional spray equipment) and let's just say he's thankful he did a trial spot on the inside of one of the doors! It's a tricky business, and thankfully there are professionals who make it look easy. If you're working with an IKAN designer and want to paint your cabinets before they are installed, ask your designer to recommend a professional.But what colours? And what cabinets? These are more great questions for your IKAN designer. You'll work together to figure out what colours you like that also suit your cabinet style and appliances and the overall look and feel of your kitchen and home. For inspiration, Houzz has a fantastic post with pictures of beautiful painted cabinets: 8 great kitchen cabinets palettes. Here are some pictures of one of our all-time favourite custom paint jobs. This is a Sarah Richardson project she did for a young family on a budget. The cabinets are IKEA's Applaud and that beautiful robin's egg colour? Just some paint. Now that's a unique kitchen.

Sarah Richardson Design IKEA kitchen

And here is a picture of Kyler's IKEA Lindingo cabinets painted in a deep blue.