Room for every thing

We want to take a closer look at something we are passionate about at IKAN: living within our means. By that we are referring to a few things: being economical, working with the space we have (when it can suffice), and surrounding ourselves with just the things we need.We have worked on a number of “microliving” projects—some as small as 250 sq ft homes—and it’s taught us something: we often have all the square footage we really need. We all want more storage, but few of us need more space. We just need solutions so we can make better use of our space.It’s about examining the way you live and cook in your kitchen, and the physical things you need. By the time in your life when you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, you know what you need—you know how often you use that bread machine—and you know the ways your kitchen is used: for cooking, homework, a computer station.


Then we can set up the kitchen in a way that maximizes every nook and cranny, which ironically leaves the space feeling less cluttered and more open.It’s really exciting because it’s not just about a beautiful kitchen—you’re uncovering ways to improve your life.