Sektion – IKEA’s New Kitchen System

Hi everyone, What an amazing summer we have had--all of us at IKAN Installations would like to say thank you for all your support and interest in our service. You all have kept us extremely busy this summer – and for the last three years! We have grown from just two guys with an idea to a local island company with a wonderful team of thirteen, and we are very proud to be supporting our employees and their families and creating business opportunities for other small local businesses. So thank you again to all of our supporters. And now... we have some exciting news to share with you: We’ve just learned IKEA is bringing a new kitchen line, called “Sektion” (pronounced section) to North America in the New Year! This will replace the current Akurum system. IKEA has rolled out this new line under the name Metod in other areas of the world, and it’s been well received. We really like what we’ve seen so far and are very excited to work with Sektion. There will be new door styles and colours but what is even more exciting is the new box combinations and dimensions being introduced, which will allow us to design your new kitchen in even more complex situations and give everyone a custom kitchen look (which is often much more difficult using set-dimension box sizes). For more on Sektion, check out IKEA’s “Metod” video here. Also the IKEA UK site has lots of great information (just note that they have different names for the their systems, which are similar to our North American IKEA kitchen systems). We’re looking forward to working with Sektion in the New Year!