Selecting new kitchen appliances

White, stainless steel, black? Something unique? Can you mix the finish of the appliances? What brand is best?It's a bit much to think about, on top of all the other decisions you make when updating your kitchen! Here is some advice to help make the decisions a bit easier:1. Decide on your kitchen countertops and look to them for inspiration. If your counters are light, choose white appliances. If they are dark, choose black. And for medium shades, consider stainless steel.2. Generally speaking, all appliances should have the same finish, But they don't need to be the same make--so don't hesitate to just update one or two pieces if that's all you need.3. There are a variety of great brands out there. We suggest not only talking to the experts at the store, but checking out customer reviews on a site like Consumer Reports: luck!