This Week in Design: Honed Granite

modern industrial kitchen with black honed granite

Homeowners keen on the durability of granite but not wowed by the traditional polished look need look no further than honed granite. We often see honed granite in more casual kitchens - it has a soapstone-like finish suited to farm or cottage kitchens - but we think honing is a design feature we'll be seeing in all kitchen styles moving forward. We especially love how a honed granite in black looks with white cabinetry.

Traditional kitchen with black honed granite
White kitchen with black honed granite

Honed granite is a granite that has been polished but not buffed to give it that reflective look we often think of when we it comes to granite. Instead, the buffing used to create the high sheen is omitted leaving the stone with a matte look. Honed granite is equally as durable as traditional polished granite but its matte finish does make it more susceptible to watermarks and more absorbent, so frequent sealing is recommended.

Austral Dream honed granite