This Week in Design: Technology in the Kitchen

It's no secret we're a tech-obsessed culture. Never far from our iPhones, tablets or the latest updates on social media, technology in our homes has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Gone are the days where a jumble of cords on the counter for phones and tablets will suffice, the new trend is dedicating space in the kitchen to personal gadgets.And why not 'plug in' to technology that fits with your kitchen design, like a grass-inspired charging station, a drawer dedicated to all your favourite gadgets or a built-in iPod dock?

kitchen tech drawer
built in iPod dock

Installing technology and tech-enabled products in the hub of the home is a trend we know we'll see more of this coming year. In an IKAN kitchen we installed last year, the homeowners saw the benefit to using custom fitted cubbies in their large kitchen island as a tech station for laptops and phones and we think this kind of technology in kitchen design is just the beginning.

Kitchen tech station