Tia & Cliff's Kitchen Built to Last

Tia & Cliff before & after

As a journeyman plumber and pipe fitter, homeowner Cliff knows a thing or two about renovations. But when it came to updating his own kitchen and dining room, which he shares with his wife Tia and their children, Cliff turned to IKAN for help.Initially, Tia and Cliff were going to simply reface their kitchen cabinetry but the cost of starting from scratch with IKAN was so comparable that they decided to install a new kitchen after all. To keep costs down Cliff did all of the renovations himself, including the tiling. For their countertops we recommended our favourite granite installers, BG Granite, whose cost came in at about half of competitors. By working with IKAN rather than just installing new cabinet doors Tia and Cliff were able to fine tune their kitchen layout and enjoy the benefit of all new drawers and cabinet interiors with the piece of mind that comes with IKEA's 25 year kitchen system warranty. With Cliff's hard work and IKEA's quality product, this is a kitchen built to last.

Tia & Cliff kitchen
Tia & Cliff overview

Thank you, Tia and Cliff, for the card and Purdy's Chocolates! How sweet (pun intended) we will enjoy these at our next company meeting.

Tia & Cliff Thank You