Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just cabinetry and countertops. Kitchens need to function well and as the room that many families use the most, a kitchen needs to be durable too. Recently Better Homes and Gardens published a great article on "20 Kitchen Remodeling Tips" so we wanted to share our Top 5 Tips for remodeling your kitchen with IKAN.

Island Function

1. Know Your Island's Function

If you want to use the island for food preparation and eating then it's important to ensure there is plenty of space for both. Whether this means raising the eating area or simply expanding the island surface, just ensure that cooktops are far enough away from diners - and curious little hands.

Prep Sink

2. Double Duty

If you intend to entertain a lot it in your kitchen you may want to consider doubling up on certain items. Space and budget permitting, a double wall oven, a set of dishwasher drawers, a warming oven and a prep sink can make entertaining a crowd much easier.

Hanging rod organization

3. Utilize Wall Space

The space on your kitchen walls is valuable real estate for clearing countertop clutter and keeping frequently used items close at hand. By mounting sleek rods and using easy to find S hooks, everything from cooking utensils to pots and pans can be neat and easily within reach.

Recycling Station

4. Create a Recycling Station

IKEA kitchen systems make it easy to sort trash and recycling with pull out bins. Recycling stations not only help keep everything neat, they also make doing the green thing even easier.

pull out pantry drawers

5. Easy Access

If you have children, getting them involved in the kitchen is a wonderful way of spending time together. Make the kitchen more accessible for little ones by stocking lower kitchen drawers with their plates and bowls and keep snacks and other items in the pull-out drawers of the pantry so that children old enough to help with meal prep and table setting can reach everything themselves.